Rahul S

A poem

Photo by ANIRUDH on Unsplash

Amidst the storms that brew

there is but one droplet of water

which lingers in the crevices of my palm,

cradled in the security of my grasp.

The leaves around us weep,

while the heavens above cry.

But this day where the dreamers and realists unite,

I shut my eyes and imagine.

With dry lips I graze my knuckle

because that’s as close as I’ll come.

When I unravel my fingers I can see through.

Don’t stray from me droplet,

and I’ll hold on to you

for as long as nature will let me.



Rahul S

Rahul S

Hi, I’m Rahul. Just trying to navigate through life’s challenges and wanted to share some thoughts and feelings along the way.