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Sit up straight and feel your feet against the floor.
See, we are all the same; neither rich nor poor.
Look ahead now with a nice, soft focus.
Just ignore the guy outside NatWest saying that he’s homeless.
Take a long, deep breath and gently close your eyes.
Can you feel the anxiety tearing up your insides?
Very good. Now let’s start to count the breaths.
Ten. Twenty. Thirty. The ebb and flow of student debt.
Stressed out, burnt out; this too shall pass.
Everything will be fine with this free yoga class.
Continue to count again. Forty-eight, fifty-two; national confusion.
Out of touch leaders with chicken box solutions.
Separate your thinking from your awareness,
There are no such concepts of equality and fairness.
Don’t worry about the darkness, fill yourself with light.
Racism doesn’t exist because we all like Ovie, right?
Far more in common than that which divides us.
The digital revolution, one touch; Midas.
Breathe. Feel the rise and the falling motion.
You are not a wave; you are part of an ocean.
Eat, sleep, work, repeat. Then we all will die.
Take one more deep breath. Now open your eyes.



Hi, I’m Rahul. Just trying to navigate through life’s challenges and wanted to share some thoughts and feelings along the way.

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